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Today is here and yesterday should be filled with memories of achievments, experiences, and accomplishments.
Tomorrow is a day away, so let today be an opportunity for you and me to grow mentally, spiritually, and productively so that the negatives of yesterday will not effect your tomorrow.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
When you sense a present danger and friends no longer put up with you, then it's time to make changes within you.
Not just within your mind, but within your whole being.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
When everything fails, and you become tired and hungry.
Just remember that even the birds eat, and they have no money.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
Home is the hardest place to find. We can claim one, but that doesn't mean that it is one.
Therefore we have to make one, and keep it happy.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
I'm tired...tired of walking from door to door. My feet hurt to the point that I just can't take it anymore.
I sleep in a bed, but then again sometimes on the floor.
I'm not eating right, but I knock on doors from noon to eight at night.
What a life...what a life, city to city from state to state, and I hate going door to door; but there is no better way.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
Am I living a game, and who has designed this life of mine.
Am I a hero or am I a villian, and who gives me the strength to keep on living.
Am I free to live as I please or am I designed to meet someone else needs.
Should I agree, but what if I disagree; and where would I be if I didn't believe in me.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
Power is knowledge, and knowledge is god.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
Remember the good times, and remember the bad.
Tough times last, only as long as you allow them to.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
I believe that moving on is the key to healing. Nevertheless, we should never fall short of our goals.
They are the channels that lead to our dreams, and accomplishments.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
When will I become successful, and when will I see the fruit of my labor.
How long must I suffer, and when will the pain go away.
Why must I remain poor, and when will my ideas bring me fame.
Oh! how long before the end of this life, and when will I see paradise.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
My Journey has been long and full of struggles, but I have touched many lives along the way.
I appologize to those who I have emotionally let down, but you knew who I was from the start.
Please forgive me if you can for your own sake, because hate is like a cancer that will only destroy your chances of ever finding love.
-Walter Anderson Jr.
A star alone in the night, in the heart of Texas. A writer in a land so true, deep down here where they don't mess around in Texas.
-Walter Anderson, Jr.


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