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The writer's block.

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Cipher*entainment's star talent search.
This is where you can post your poems, creative writing, Raps, songs, ideas, and oppions.
"All are encouraged to participate!"


Who dat be / call me One*god /
check out my thug fizzle...
I'm West coast'in / in the Dirty-dirty /
I'm 7-30...
In New York / I'm like a snow flury /
this be a true story...
On the East coast I'm spit'in out blizzards /
I'm fridget / with a wind chill that make your eyes blury.
By. Pappythewriter.
I do believe that one day I will be free /
freed from the chains that mentally confine me.
Only then will I be able to see /
see through the blindfold that keeps me emotionally blind.
Who can remove the gag /
a gag that has spiritually silenced me.
And who holds the key /
the key to unlock the cell where my
soul is incarcerated.
Emancipate my heart and restore my life /
please free me /
free me now my Lord Jesus Christ.
By. Pappythewriter.

Welcome to THE WRITER'S BLOCK... This area is for talented people around the country who would like their material posted on Cipher*entertainment.

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