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Cipher*entertainment is proud to present origional poems from talented men & women all around the world... 

"We are dedicated to exposing hidden talent."

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A place in my heart.
By. Darius E. Maclin
There is a place deep down in my heart,
which has sheltered me many years.
A stronghold of faith the defies the worst,
that were bound to come up against here.
There is a place in my heart full of hope,
like a spring in the desert of living;
and it's waters are cool,
and they nourish my soul with the joy
 of unselfish giving.
There is a place in my heart full of love,
that warms through the coldest nights.
Sustaining me always in spite of my fears;
as I walk towards the tunnel of light.
For I am the child of the Lord,
and I know from the start of the day unitl it closed.
The faith, hope,
and love are are dear to his heart;
and he's given me plenty of that.

The forgotten black child
By. Darius E. Maclin
The forgotten black child, lost and alone.
Forgotten by all those he loved and left home.
Born into a world of both corruption and sin,
a misfit in the world mistreated;
because of his skin.
The forgotten black child is raised surrounded by pain,
hoodlum drug dealer, alcoholic, 
a derogatory name.
He doesn't rise above his present station in life,
the words of society;
yet compelled by all this strife.
The forgotten black child born into a world of hurt,
he was told that he could make it;
but was still treated like dirt.
With his eyes set on goals which are really impossible dreams,
seeking a better tomorrow to wash away his silent screams.
The forgotten black child made to stay poor,
roach motel housing, and sleeping on a cold floor.
Robbing and stealing just seeking some relief,
baby needs pampers, clothing, and sneakers on his feet.
The forgotten black child his world is destitute,
reflecting on days when his mamma was a prostitute.
Seek anger control, man you must be a joke.
I'd rather pick up an uzi, then go out and sell some coke. 
The forgotten black child once mother's pride and joy,
serving hard time; he's no longer a little boy.
Now he's a man taken away from the wild,
doesn't anyone remember;
the forgotten black child. 

I truly believe.
By. Walter Anderson, Jr.
I do believe...
 that one day I will be free,
freed from the chains that
mentally confine me.
Only then will I be able to see,
see through the blindfold 
that keeps me emotionally blind.
Who can remove the gag?,
a gag that has spiritually silenced me.
And who holds the key?,
the key to unlock the cell
where my soul is incarcerated.
Emancipate my heart,
and restore my life.
Please free me,
free me now;
my Lord Jesus Christ.

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