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Mankind Incorporated
Established on August 6, 2008
Mankind Incorporated is a not for profit organization founded by Walter Tariq Anderson a published author and elocutionist who came to the realization that there was a need for a change in our world. He unselfishly made the decision to devote his time and efforts to bring people together for one common purpose which is to support human rights.
He also teaches us that we have a power within us greater than any other in the universe, and that is the power of Almighty God.
Once we were able to believe in ourselves then we were able to bring other men & women out of mental darkness so that they too could begin educating as well as uplifting mankind.
(1. We will establish our organization in all four corners of the globe.
(2. We will strive to assist the needy, feed the poor, shelter the
homeless, advocate for the un-justly accused, educated the children, and ultimately establish world peace.
(3. We will treat every man, woman and child like human beings, and stand up for what is right in uncivilized times.  
We respectfully welcome all of you who support our cause with your opinions, thoughts, ideas, professional degrees, labor as well as contributions.
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"You are my beloved, and missed dearly!"